Where It All Began

Piedmont Grove Lodging was born from the vision of three long-time friends and entrepreneurs: Martha, Rod, and Heidi. In 2018, nightly accommodations were scarce in Nelson County. The three of us  had a prime property so we decided to build a complex of suites that visitors could come and rest before continuing their journey. That same year, we began the process of designing the “look & feel” along with the style of the business we wanted. In late 2020, we broke ground and started construction. Despite significant delays during the past couple of years, we were successful in our efforts and Piedmont Grove Lodging is completed. Now in 2023, we are ready to welcome visitors to this idyllic and premium location!

Outside of our businesses; the three of us share a great passion for adventure, exploring the world, and cultivating positive relationships with our community.

Martha and Rod have been married for many years and have two adult children. Martha is a talented bridge player and often competes in tournaments. She loves leading aerobic classes too! Rod loves nothing more than a good game of tennis every day if he can! The two of them love to take cruises and tour different parts of the world.

Heidi, the youngest of the trio, lost her soulmate and husband of 38 years several years ago to cancer. She is a mother of three adult children and a doting “Oma” to eight grandchildren. Heidi lives on a farm and loves anything outdoors -gardening, animals, skiing, camping, and traveling.

Enjoy Your Stay,

The Name

The name Piedmont Grove reflects the land that surrounds us and the roots of the community we call home. ``Piedmont`` is an area at the base of the mountain, thus pays homage to the stunning Blue Ridge Mountain Range that we are tucked in. As you gaze out from your suite, you'll be filled with a sense of wonder as you witness these majestic mountains enveloped in a blue mist that gives them their name. They are the second oldest mountains in the world.

“Grove”, is a nod to the deeply rooted Beech Grove Community, where many generations ago, farming was the main livelihood and tobacco was the cash crop. Where apple orchards once were, now are vineyards growing grapes, farming, and cattle grazing. Today, the community remains very close knit with many of the same families still residing in Beech Grove.


We Have a Shared Passion for Community & Service

At Piedmont Grove, Martha, Rod, and Heidi are passionate about creating a positive impact in the Beech Grove community and the wider Nelson County. This is reflected in our active involvement in community support and awareness programs, some of which include Nelson County Public Schools, the Nelson County Food Pantry, the Nature Foundation of Wintergreen, the Adaptive Ski Program at Wintergreen Resort, and countless other organizations.

We believe that supporting our community is an essential part of sustaining the growth and prosperity of Nelson County.


“Waste in Mind”

We have put our minds to waste and we wish to limit the amount of it at Piedmont Grove. Here are a few simple measures we are taking to ensure our impact is  minimal:

Coffee Pouches instead of plastic coffee pods
Coffee Creamer sleeves instead plastic creamer pods
Refrigerated Water Dispenser – limiting plastic bottles. Please bring your own favorite container to fill with!
Bamboo Paper Products-these break down easier, especially with our septic system!